About the show
The B2B Sales Podcast is a bi-weekly show where Ara & Thibaut interview thought leaders, experts and top-performers in B2B sales around the world.

You will discover and learn new tactics from a very diverse panel of sales leaders, experts and individual contributors. They will share actionable secrets and best practices on various aspects of sales, so that you can implement them in your day-to-day.

This podcast is aimed at B2B sales founders, sales people or anyone curious to know more about the latest trends, tools and innovations in B2B sales and invest in their careers.
Meet your hosts

Ara Escobedo

Mexican born, multi-language speaker and traveller, Ara is an expert in Inside sales and Enterprise sales. She has been growing the IBIT market for a US company based in Boston and uses her EQ skills to find the right customers, start a strong work relationship with them and make sure they renew, year after year. When she is not crushing her quota or interviewing sales experts, she can be found at the gym so she can focus on her other passion: food.


Thibaut Souyris

Thibaut is the CEO and Founder of SalesLabs. He coaches and trains sales people and founders to qualify prospects early, so they can close faster. He started his sales career when he was 15, selling airplane cleaning services at the local airfield. When he is not giving workshops and trainings, Thibaut can be found traveling twisty roads around the world on his motorcycle or enjoying his family in south of France.


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